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“A designer who creates spaces not by fashion, but what feels good for your soul”

Hi, I’m Nichola, the founder of My Sacred Space.

So, what brought me to launch the business? Following my interior design degree, I have spent the last decade working in the industry, assisting clients who wanted a space to be proud of. But with many of the grand schemes I installed, it felt like something was missing.

The ultimate goal of these spaces was often to impress and make an outward statement about how “together” people’s lives are. But in reality, we can’t all live in a show home! And the problem with being so externally focused is that it diverts attention away from the inner parts of us that may need healing.

I guess the real question is: what could be more important than having a space that helps our inner self feel grounded and mentally well?

Having had personal experience with anxiety and dissociative symptoms (feeling disconnected from my body and surroundings) I know that our environment can exacerbate any dis-ease happening inside us. But there are so many ways we can better use space to bring us back into our bodies, diffuse stress, and balance our mindset.

So, you may have a preconceived idea that Interior Design is all about the “perfect image”. But this is simply not our bag. We’re much more interested in being real about what it is to be human, in this messy thing called Life.

Everything we do here at My Sacred Space is with the intention of helping ground you. From decluttering your home to designing therapy rooms, we’re on a mission to create spaces that promote healing. This unique approach to design combines my interior design training, counselling training, and personal experience of what worked for me on my own healing journey.

Please take a look at our Services page for more information on what we offer.

I understand that it can be difficult to know where to start, and frankly, to find the energy to get going. But I am here to listen, understand, and support you through the process, at a pace that works for you. Think of me like an extra pair of hands, a listening ear, and a good dose of encouragement!

My Sacred Space Nichola


My Sacred Space Nichola



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