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Kudos to Dulux for shining a light on mental health this year.

They’ve partnered with the UK Youth Mental Health Ambassador, Dr Alex George, to bring us a shade that is devoted to our wellbeing.

Image credit: Dr Alex George

The name gives us a dose of optimism that brighter times are round the corner, a nod to spring and new beginnings.

It’s incredibly difficult to feel optimism when there is so much destruction in our world. Our hearts are hurting for humanity and many of us find our minds consumed with worry.

But Bright Skies™ inspires peace in a world of anguish. Its subtle blue hue asks us to seek out freedom, sincerity, faith and trust. Bringing peace to the space within us, through the space that surrounds.

Image credit: Dulux

I truly believe the world will not heal through fear and anger, it is only through peace and love that we will make waves of change.

If we are all made up of energy, imagine what could happen if enough of us nurture our own inner peace, and reverberate that out into the world? No matter what turbulence is going on around us…

I’m not saying it will be easy – I myself am often a slave to fear – but maybe we can try it together?


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