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A big part of our work at My Sacred Space is about bringing you back to the present moment, and a great way to do this is by engaging your senses.

In mindfulness practice, something as simple as lighting a candle can completely change our energy. But taking it one step further, with natural aromas, helps us focus on the immediate, allows us to arrive back in our bodies and has a powerful effect on our mood.

When you’re choosing a scent, try choosing one that evokes the energy required for the task ahead. Invigorating Lemongrass increases concentration, and the soothing notes of Ylang-ylang are great for shaking off the workday. And if you really want to soothe your soul, Vetiver’s earthy scent has a deeply balancing effect, releasing stress and relieving emotional trauma.

Be present to the gifts our Earth has provided to help us reach stillness. Whatever we need is right here underneath our feet!


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