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Standing under a vast expanse of sky can make me feel unsteady. I am drawn upward as if I could float away into the ether.

But find me a tree to lie under, and its canopy of leaves is like a gentle hand resting down upon me, rooting me to the Earth.

I am SAFE here

This is the feeling I search for, indoors and out. I WANT to feel contained by the boundaries of my space. I NEED to feel protected.

My experience with Agoraphobia made me acutely aware of how empty space can make you feel. Links have even been made between the condition and spatial awareness – it is thought that sufferers may have a weakened balance system and awareness of space.

It is my belief that there is SO MUCH we can do in our personal environment to translate this feeling of containment.

❌ And it doesn’t have to be overcomplicated ❌

Bring to mind a space that made you feel uncomfortable… what was there to keep you steady?

A blank, white ceiling? Hard structures and architectural lines? Vast empty hallways and flickering fluorescent light? Confrontational colours, or no colour at all? Was there a nod to nature, or a complete absence of natural forms?

With a few simple tweaks, we can turn architecturally anxious spaces into softened sanctuaries for the soul. Spaces that bring us the tranquility we need to facilitate inner healing.

This is the goal of our Sacred Space Design.


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