Give yourself the gift of peace

Are you craving a space that gives you peace, or overwhelmed with stuff that you don’t know what to do with?

We will help you turn your home into a place of calm. We know how difficult it is to get going on your own, so we’re here to walk alongside you, at your pace.

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Sacred space design

Are you looking for somewhere to feel grounded and at peace? Our unique approach to design is not just concerned with decoration, we help you create a place for HEALING. We listen to what is causing you discomfort and work with you to create a soothing environment. This might require a spot of decluttering to clear away old energy, or adorning the space with calming, sensory pieces.

Be it a small corner of your home, a dedicated meditation room or even a small courtyard garden, we can turn it into a place of rest and retreat.

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Little sacred space

Let’s not forget our little ones also go through many emotions. Have you got children in your life who are struggling and need somewhere to feel safe? What could be better than giving them their own little Sacred Space to retreat to when it all gets too much.

We love to get them involved in the creative process and give them the freedom to choose what will make them happy.

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Decluttering & space clearing

A tidy house is a tidy mind… but sometimes it’s hard to find the time and energy to confront it on your own. We will support you through the process of tidying and reorganising your space, starting small and going at your pace. We can even help to relocate or donate your unwanted items.

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming: sometimes the smallest steps give you the confidence to take on something bigger.

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Event styling

Planning a party but don’t have the time to decorate? We LOVE foraging for greenery and turning your party space into a living wonderland!

We know how event costs can quickly rack up, so we can get creative with accessories you already have around your home, or help you source bargains to make the space come to life.

My Sacred Space blog

Colour consultation

The colours we surround ourselves with can have a huge effect on our mental health. If you’re feeling uncomfortable in your space, but you only want to make a small change, colour can be a great place to begin.

We can spend a relaxed hour or two going through different options for your space, choosing from your favourite paint brands.


1. Informal free phone call

Where we’ll discuss your needs

We can chat about how we might be able to help, and book a meeting if you decide to go ahead.

2. A relaxed consultation

Either in your space or virtually

We will sit down together, refine your requirements, and decide which of our services might be appropriate.

3. Implementing the changes

At your pace

We go at your pace to make the changes you need, taking your space from unsteady to grounding.

We offer affordable pricing, so please get in touch with your needs.

(Discounts available for charitable organisations and Blue Light Card holders)


  • "We highly recommend Nichola, she is so pleasant to work with"



  • "She is so good at decluttering and making the space look fresh and inviting"

    Stella’s Florist


  • "Nichola helped guide the inclusion of nature into my home treatment room"

    Neets Therapies

    Western Australia

  • "Nichola is different because her prime concern is to create a calming ambience"

    Stepping Out Boutique


  • "Nichola was really great at motivating me and giving me lots of ideas"