from happy clients.

  • Marion


    We had a very tricky space to deal with: a small odd-shaped room in which we wanted to have a dining, working and lounging space as three distinct areas. And we didn't want to see too many screens when you entered it! Without Nichola and her ingenious ideas, we wouldn't have the flowing and perfect space that all our friends are complimenting us about! We would highly recommend her, as in addition to her ideas, she is just so pleasant to work with.

  • Stella’s Florist


    I have known Nichola for years as she used to help us with floristry and delivering, so I was pleased to ask her to return and help me sort out the shop. We downsized and let go of our second shop, so we had a huge amount of stock; vases, funeral tributes, accessories etc to fit into the one space. She was great at getting stuck in and doing lots of the hands-on work, organising our stock into sensible containers, creating dedicated areas for each type of product and marking up index sheets so we could easily find where everything was.

    She managed to reorganise the display shelves in the showroom to make space for some of the vases brought over from our other shop. She is so good at decluttering and making the space look fresh and inviting for customers.

    Since we started our work together she comes in regularly to re-do the shop window for the season ahead, stripping out, cleaning and decorating with seasonal touches. Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Christmas Day, she is great at creating a balanced display that attracts new customers. It helps that she has a passion for greenery,

  • Neets Therapies

    Western Australia

    Nichola at My Sacred Space has a knowledge and attention to detail that really helped guide the design and inclusion of nature into my home studio treatment room. Being a therapist, I wanted to create an environment where my clients can relax. The zoom meetings we had over the internet were informative and still allowed her creativity to flow despite being the other side of the world. Thanks Nichola for your input and help making my space what it is today!

  • Stepping Out Boutique


    I got in touch with Nichola during the pandemic when I wanted to reorganise my shop ready for re-opening. Initially, she spent a few days with me moving the hanging rails around the space to create a new look. She then grouped the stock into complimentary colours and we worked together distributing it around the shop. It was great to work in a collaborative way with her and we had fun in the process. What I particularly liked was her use of plant life around the shop, both authentic and artificial. This has really transformed the look of the interior and connected it back to the surrounding countryside. Nichola is different to other designers because her prime concern is to create a calming ambience for the well-being of my customers, rather than styling purely for show. She now comes into the shop whenever I have new deliveries to unpack and merchandise – she is great at getting stuck into organising things so I can focus my time on business admin.

  • Bhav


    I used Nichola’s services to help me visualise what was important and where I needed to start with making my home clear and cosy again. Nichola was really great at motivating me and giving me lots of ideas on where to start. We talked a lot about my vision for each room and she was very honest in following my ideas while giving her views too. She had a good eye for corners and details. Due to Covid restrictions, she couldn’t visit my house physically, but we managed very well virtually. I am yet to use her full services as I need to organise a budget, but I would highly recommend her. Nichola is very humble, and her approach is holistic and I achieved some changes that were long overdue!


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