The healing power of plants

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Plants are a bit of an obsession for me – I never leave the garden centre empty handed! There is something so satisfying about adorning spaces with greenery.

BUT there is much more to our little green friends than just how pretty they look…

As we move through Mental Health Awareness Week, the theme this year is ‘connecting to nature’.

So here are 5 reasons why plants are so good for our mental health:
🌿 THEY REDUCE STRESS & BOOST MOOD: Surrounding ourselves with plant life awakens our innate human desire to merge with the natural world; this is called ‘Biophilia’. Tapping into this ancestral instinct through our senses, has been proven to have a positive impact on mental wellbeing.
🌿 THEY IGNITE OUR IMPULSE TO NURTURE: By simply focusing on the act of planting, pruning, watering etc, we shift our centre of attention away from ourselves and onto the care of another living being. This can be incredibly therapeutic and offer a moment of respite from internal worry.
🌿 THEY CLEANSE THE AIR WE BREATHE: It’s no secret that the air quality is purer in greener environments. Plants help to absorb toxins and increase oxygen levels and humidity in the air. Breathing deeply in pure air is a sure-fire way to calm the nervous system.
🌿 THEY SOFTEN THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT: We can use plants to soften the boundaries of space and inject LIFE into our buildings. Recent studies even show that their dense foliage absorbs background noise – win win for those of us who struggle to concentrate working from home!
🌿 THEY HAVE A GROUNDING EFFECT: Their roots reach deep into the soil, demonstrating stability and encouraging energy to move downward. We can begin to feel more anchored to the Earth by spending time around plant life and drawing on their grounding energy.

——- At My Sacred Space, we believe in harnessing nature’s healing properties to design soothing, sensory spaces for the soul.

We can totally transform the energy of a space by bringing the outdoors in, ultimately leading us closer to PEACE and STILLNESS. For more green content, please follow us on Facebook & Instagram: @createmysacredspace


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