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Sitting inside Wells Cathedral, I pondered the notion of ‘sacred space’ and what it means to different people.

The word SACRED is so often associated with religion and worship, but what if it’s really about connecting to the space within yourself, rather than an external deity?

Inside the building, time seemed to stand still. People sat on the pews in silence and pondered questions of life. While I sat, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace as I tuned into the energy of the room.

THAT’S what makes a space sacred; its ability to create a calming void away from the troubles of the world. A haven of protection to steady oneself. This is the feeling we tap into with our work at My Sacred Space.

It doesn’t matter if you believe in God, Allah, Quantum Physics, or nothing at all; this is about cultivating a space that is sacred to YOU and your wellbeing.

It’s a feeling, not a belief.


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