What is Therapeutic Design?

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Often there is a preconceived idea that Interior Design is all about the perfect image; matching soft furnishings, posh accessories and that expensive coffee table that you’re scared to put a cup on! But the problem with this is that it only serves to improve what is external to us.

It’s an outward statement about how “together” our lives are. So how is ‘Therapeutic Design’ different?

The word THERAPY comes from the Greek word therapeia, which means “curing, healing, taking care of”.

So, a therapeutic approach relates to the healing of disease, be it physical or mental.

We aren’t always aware of just how much our physical environment influences our mood, but factors that influence our senses; i.e, lighting, texture, colour, scent and sound, can all affect our perception of safety.

At My Sacred Space, we work with these sensory triggers to find remedies for the feeling of dis-EASE in uncomfortable spaces. We’re not interested in creating rooms that are just for showing off, we work with the external world to HEAL what’s going on within you.

Our mission is to improve the landscape of design by changing our perspective to what really matters: well-being.


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